Because words and ideas can change the world.

Like all ideas we started with a blank sheet of paper and a desire to try and help wildlife whilst we can.

Stampede International is complementary to traditional wildlife charities.

We generate ideas, create solutions, form collaborations, campaign, fundraise, story-tell and raise the conversation – all for wildlife.

We work by bringing together people from all worlds – conservation, arts, media, academia, communications, business, and politics. Believing that the best solutions come from the most diverse collaboration.

A wide networked team form the energy and resources for Stampede International. To date over 300 collaborators have worked on Stampede led initiatives.

Founded by Georgie Bradbury – Stampede International was established from a passion for the natural world and over 25 yrs commercial and charity experience – building ideas and engagement campaigns.

Georgie was part of the Design team at British Airways for over 10yrs, then lead the brand team at WWF-UK for another 10, and is now Global Head of  Brand Engagement for World Animal Protection.


A dramatic loss in wildlife in recent decades means a sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is under way and is more severe than previously feared, according to scientific research.