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Over 60% of infectious diseases are ‘zoonotic’

We have all been hearing that zoonotic term more these days, in relation to the current pandemic.

It means a disease that can be transmitted from a wild animal to us, humans.

In recent years we have seen the impact of MERS, SARS, Avian Flu, Ebola and now this current coronavirus – COVID-19.

All zoontic diseases.

Yet are we learning? how can we prevent this happening again.

Can we lessen the interactions with wildlife where diseases can transfer. If you can ride, touch, take a selfie with, eat or have as a pet a wild animal you are at risk. Let’s leave wild animals where they belong.

We are supporting efforts calling for an end to the wildlife trade and an end to wet markets – where wild animals are sold for meat.

Check out these organisations who are petitioning governments to help, and do lend your voice to support.